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Impressionism in Bougival

78380 Bougival

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Sisley Route de Saint Germain à Marly
BIT de Bougival

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Sisley, Barrage de la Machine
Sisley, bateau à l'écluse de Bougival
Vlaminck Restaurant de la Machine
Sisley La Fabrique
Pissarro, péniches sur la Seine
Turner Embarquement à Bougival
Parcours Impressionniste ïle de la chaussée
Danse à Bougival Renoir
Morisot le quai à Bougival
Renoir Les deux sœurs
Monet le pont de Bougival
Lebourg Bord de Seine à Bougival
Monet Glaçons sur la Seine

A 1, 6 mile walking way along the banks of Seine following the enamelled plates depicting the paintings of impressionnist painters.

On the banks of the Seine, Bougival nestles in the bottom of the Drionne valley between the Louveciennes hillside and the Jonchère hillside, classified as a "hill of the impressionists". This village still retains all the charm of the Belle Epoque today. In the 19th century, impressionist and landscape painters came to Bougival to capture the tones of these landscapes that they were able to restore so well. Follow the signs depicting their paintings to the very spot where they were made.

The circuit starts in front of the restaurant Le Coq de Bougival, 15 quai Rennequin Sualem, You are near the remains of the Machine de Marly built under Louis XIV to go up the waters of the Seine to the parks of the castles of Marly and Versailles.
You will discover several signs featuring Alfred Sisley's paintings,
- Panel : Route de Saint Germain - Alfred Sisley 1872
- Panel : Machine Dam - Alfred Sisley 1876

Take the bridge to the island of the lodge, at the end of the street, turn right towards the locks, built in the 19th century to restore river navigation on this arm of the Seine which had been condemned after the construction of the Machine.
- Panel : Boat at Bougival Lock - Alfred Sisley 1873

Then return to your steps and return to the bank of the Seine, the circuit continues on the edge of Seine going towards Bougival.
- Panel : Marly's Machine - Alfred Sisley 1873
- Panel : Restaurant in Marly le Roi or Restaurant de la Machine - Maurice de Vlaminck 1905

Continue towards Bougival, climb on the ramp to the old bridge that connected the shore to the island of the lodge and which is destroyed.
- Panel : La Fabrique during the flood - Alfred Sisley 1873

Continue to Bougival and discover:
- Panel : Barge on the Seine in Bougival - Camille Pissarro 1871

Finally, before arriving at the bridge, a sign painted by the famous English painter William Turner who came to Bougival in 1830.
- Panel: Marly, boarding at Bougival - J.M.W Turner 1830

When you arrive under the bridge, take the staircase that leads to it. On the bridge cross at the traffic light and go towards the Ile de la Chaussée At the entrance to Vieljeux Park, you will find a sign entitled on a walk on the Île de la Chaussée, explaining the impressionist route of the island.
- Panel: Dance in Bougival - Auguste Renoir 1883
Enter the park and try to find where the paintings on the sign were painted.

In the park you will find one sculpture by American Seward Johnson inspired by famous Impressionist paintings.
Go to the green theatre and take the exit to the Seine.
Then return to the bridge, you will arrive at the remains of the first Bougival bridge built in 1858. At the level of the last house before arriving at the bridge was the famous Canotiers' Ball.
- Panel: Bord de Seine - Berthe Morisot 1883
pass at the foot of the bridge and take the staircase near the house that was in the 19th century, the hotel of the Terrace, climb on the old bridge.
- Panel : The two sisters or on the terrace - Auguste Renoir 1881
At the beginning of the old bridge, you will see the painting painted by Monet depicting the old bridge.
- Panel: The Pont de Bougival - Claude Monet 1869

Go up to the bridge and go to the village, stay on the left side of the bridge and continue to Berthe Morisot House, which is located after the bus stop. Walk past the house and go towards the centre of the village, at the roundabout take Jacques Kellner Street to D 113 and the Seine.
In passing, notice the pavilion of Blois, the small pavilion of the baths of the chateau of Mademoiselle de Blois, legitimized daughter of Louis XIV and Mademoiselle de La Vallière.
Take a right and cross the road at the Holiday Inn hotel.
At the edge of the Seine, you will find the penultimate panel
- Panel: Edges of Seine to Bougival - Albert Lebourg1885

Take the halting road at the edge of the Seine, you will find the house of Georges Bizet who composed Carmen in Bougival and who died there on June 3, 1875.
The last panel is after the Bizet's house.
-- Panel: Ice on the Seine in Bougival - Claude Monet around 1867-1868

End of the circuit


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Versailles, the sun of Yvelines

15 Quai Rennequin Sualem

78380 Bougival

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