Versailles, the sun of Yvelines

Walk by the narrow paths in Bougival

78380 Bougival

  • Boucle
sente des marionnettes

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In the past, the paths allowed access on foot to localities or districts and to connect them to the town.

They look like narrow paths, which intrude between houses, shrubby hedges or boundary walls, and allow you to walk through the village in a totally different way from what offer urban roads.
In Bougival it is very common to find steep pedestrian paths that climb up the hillsides. They are sometimes accompanied by high stone walls.
Nowadays, if they are the support of soft mobility in the district, they have a role at the scale of the city, that of giving way to pedestrians.


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Versailles, the sun of Yvelines

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78380 Bougival

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