The Seine runs through it

Les Tailles d’Herbelay

78240 Aigremont

  • Natural wonder
Forêt de Marly

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Tailles d’Herbelay resistance centre: a remnant of the First World War

Rediscovered in 2013, the Tailles d’Herbelay resistance centre, located in the departmental forest, is now accessible to the public.

A 200 m path lined with information panels allows the public to tour the site and discover this remnant of the First World War. The information panels present the context in which the center was created, the life of the men on the site and the role of the forest during the war.

A work of 1914 constituting one of the lines of defense of the entrenched camp of Paris Located at the Tailles d'Herbelay, at the edge of a plateau, this defensive center of resistance contributed to the surveillance, from 1914, of the enemy advance in the sector south of the Seine loop (particularly the crossing of the Poissy bridge). The place is made up of several elements allowing both surveillance and shooting, but also the cantonment of a garrison.

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  • Natural wonder


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The Seine runs through it

78240 Aigremont

  • Forest location
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