The Seine runs through it

A house dedicated to ex-servicemen

78110 Le Vésinet

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Maison du Combattant, Le Vésinet
Ville du Vésinet

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A pioneering house in the construction of buildings dedicated to veterans, the 'Maison du Combattant' at Vésinet was opened on July 13, 1930.

Built on the Rue du Général Clavery, a street named after a general who had died a few months earlier in an ambush and who came from one of the oldest families in Le Vésinet, the house was built by the architect R. Lord and funded by some famous Le Vésinet donors, including Joséphine Baker and Jeanne Lanvin.

The house comprised a meeting room for members of the Association des anciens combattants (Veterans Association), a medical service with free consultations for the war-wounded and a library for recreation time.
Inside, three paintings adorn the walls, including two large canvases by Maurice Dubois, a painter of military subjects who lived in Le Vésinet: 'Compagnons de gloire' (1912) and 'La mort du trompette' (1914), inspired by the retreat of Russia [1812]. The third is 'Le Retour d'attaque' by Rodolphe Caillaux, [1904–1987], inspired by the Great War.
Today, the house hosts occasional events throughout the year and can be visited on occasion such as the Journées Européennes du Patrimoine (European Heritage Days).


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The Seine runs through it

11 rue du Général Clavery

78110 Le Vésinet

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