The Seine runs through it

Delphine & Nicolas Constantin – Market Gardeners

78360 Montesson

Plaine de Montesson
Plaine de Montesson, Plaine d'Avenir 78

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Panier de légumes
Champ agricole

Both from families of market gardeners, farmers and retailers, Delphine and Nicolas invite you to their "hut" all year round.

Come and stock up on produce harvested straight from their 12-hectare farm, or use their self-service facility to purchase fresh vegetables 24 hours a day.

Opposite their shop, they have also built a greenhouse covering 1,900 m², where they grow strawberries in hanging containers filled with coconut fibre. There are also three beehives to ensure pollination of the strawberry flowers, and the berries are harvested by hand. Totally natural processes are used to protect the produce and facilitate upkeep and harvesting.


How to get there?

The Seine runs through it

Rue du 11 novembre 1918

78360 Montesson

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