Versailles, the sun of Yvelines

Cycling route – The plain of Versailles

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Château de Versailles

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Château de Versailles

Explore the plain of Versailles by bike and discover its historical secrets and the park of the Château. A 25km route, combining history, culture and nature, ideal for a ride with family or friends.

Start your cycle tour on Avenue Charles de Gaulle, then enter the grounds of the Château de Versailles through the Grille des Matelots. Cycle around the Grand Canal, which stretches for 1,670 metres and has been the setting for many memorable festivities. Next, follow the Ru de Gally, which rises in the Grand Canal. This 22km-long stream crosses the plain of Versailles and was once used to provide drinking water, wash clothes and power mills.

Exit at the far end of the château grounds and turn right to discover the Gally farm. Situated between the forest of Marly and the hills of Saint-Cyr-l'École, this farm has been patiently cultivated by monks, ploughmen, market gardeners and gardeners over the centuries.

After leaving the park, you'll find Versailles airfield on your left. Since 1909, the Saint-Cyr airfield has been alive with take-offs and landings. Next, cross the Plaine de Versailles, which was part of the great park of Versailles created by Louis XIV between 1660 and 1685 for hunting. This magnificent, unspoilt area is a haven for many rare natural species.

Finish your walk in Rennemoulin, a village made up of agricultural, forest and natural areas. Then complete your cycle tour, passing by the Grand Canal and returning to the starting point on Avenue Charles de Gaulle. This cycle tour offers you a complete exploration of the destination's history, culture and natural beauty.


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Versailles, the sun of Yvelines

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78000 Versailles

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