Versailles, the sun of Yvelines

Cycling route -along the Bièvre river

78000 Versailles

  • Boucle
La Bièvre
Destination Versailles Grand Parc

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Église Saint-Martin de Jouy-en-Josas

Take a refreshing break in Versailles Grand Parc with a 20km cycle route, combining history and nature along the River Bièvre.

Start your journey in Versailles by passing in front of the château, then follow the Avenue de Paris towards the Porchefontaine district. From here, continue on to the town of Jouy-en-Josas, where you will follow the banks of the River Bièvre.

Continue on towards Bièvres and explore the peaceful Bois du Chat Noir, close to Victor Hugo's literary home. Then venture into the Bois Chauveaux departmental forest, a haven of greenery ideal for a relaxing stroll.

To complete the loop, retrace your steps from Jouy-en-Josas and follow the same route back to your starting point in Versailles.


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Versailles, the sun of Yvelines

1 place du maréchal Lyautey

78000 Versailles

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