Versailles, the sun of Yvelines

Guestroom – Le Cerisier

78750 Mareil-Marly

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Licia and Giovanni welcome you to their house just 20 minutes from Paris and Versailles, and 7 minutes from St-Germain-en-Laye town centre. It is also close to the international Lycée.

If you are looking to enjoy the tranquil charms of nature and, above all else, the convivial warmth of human relations, as well as the intimate comfort of an independent room, then Le Cerisier is the perfect accommodation for you.

St Germain en Laye offers you all the regal splendour of its château and park, as well as some beautiful boutiques and markets, while making the perfect base from which to go hiking, hacking or cycling. Its strategic position allows you to visit Paris and Versailles while staying in a calm setting.

Licia Mione De Francesco, the site's Italian owner, is now a personal chef, proposing authentic Mediterranean cuisine. Ask her for more details.


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Versailles, the sun of Yvelines

52 Rue des Graviers

78750 Mareil-Marly

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