The Seine runs through it

Potager Pédagogique

78800 Houilles

Potager dans le parc du château Chanorier, Croissy-sur-Seine
Ville de Houilles

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A haven of flavours and aromas in the heart of the Parc Charles de Gaulle: welcome to the Potager Pédagogique (educational kitchen garden!)

At the heart of the town, in the Parc Charles-de-Gaulle, the organic kitchen garden is an educational feature open to everyone.
Created in 2008, the kitchen garden has a dual purpose:
- ecology, showing that it is possible to grow organic produce in town
- education, introducing Houilles schoolchildren, with the support of council gardeners, to planting and growing techniques. They learn how to sow, prick out and cultivate tomatoes, radishes, cabbage and lettuce, monitoring the crops to full ripeness and, of course, tasting the produce.
The kitchen garden is a 270 m² enclosed area comprising plots of 31 m² each, which are staked out and separated by a central path and two side paths.


How to get there?

The Seine runs through it

Parc Charles de Gaulle

Entrée par l'avenue Charles de Gaulle

78800 Houilles

  • In centre of town
  • Town location
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