Grandes Eaux Nocturnes - Bassin de Latone
Nicolas Chavance

Versailles, the sun of Yvelines

The Night Fountains Show 2024

78000 Versailles

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Grandes Eaux Nocturnes - Bassin d'Apollon
Grandes Eaux Nocturnes - Bosquet de la Colonnade
Grandes Eaux Nocturnes - Bassin d'Apollon

Every Saturday evening in summer, the Royal Gardens of the Château de Versailles are adorned with a thousand lights and invite you to take a journey through time to the rhythm of the music of the Sun King.

A magical walk to discover the fountains and a dazzling final fireworks display for young and old alike!

The Night Fountains Show, a unique opportunity to stroll through the groves and fountains, usually closed to the public, set alight with water and light. Rediscover the greatest arias of baroque music from Lully to Charpentier, from Gluck to Rameau as you stroll along. A unique and magical experience.

From the Grand Perspective where you can admire the statues, topiaries and basins elegantly illuminated, to the recently restored Latona fountain... From the Green Carpet vibrating to the rhythm of monumental flames, to the Bosquet of the Ballroom where you can take a few dance steps surrounded by a thousand and one candles... From the Bassin du Miroir where modern water jets intermingle, intertwine, and intertwine to the surprising light of the Colonnade... From the Bosquet de l'Encelade, where you will discover the buried giant, to the Bosquet des Bains d'Apollon, where you will stroll and admire the sculpted groups of the grotto of Thetis... From the Bosquet des Trois Fontaines, where the rockeries and shells of the fountains installed on three terraces will delight you, to the aerial effects of the contemporary fountain-sculptures of the Théâtre d'Eau (Water Theatre)... A 2.5-hour walk full of surprises awaits you. And as a climax, magnificent compositions of water jets, baroque choreography and cascades of light at the Bassin de Neptune, the largest pool in the gardens of the Château de Versailles.

To close the evening, the pyrotechnicians of Groupe F, true pyrotechnic magicians, will be on hand on the Grand Perspective of the park to offer you a royal fireworks display!


How to get there?

Versailles, the sun of Yvelines

Jardins du Château de Versailles

78000 Versailles

RER/SNCF : Versailles-Château-Rive-Gauche Bus : Château Versailles, 171

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