The Seine runs through it

Lemon balm water from Carmes Boyer

78420 Carrières-sur-Seine

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Eau des Carmes Boyer

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Eau de Mélisse des Carmes Boyer

For 400 years, the Carmes Boyer water workshop has been bottling the virtues of plants! Since 2015 the place has received the state label "living heritage".

Over the centuries, the natural and therapeutic benefits of Melissa Water have conquered more than one prestigious reference: Louis XIV, on the advice of the Duchess of Burgundy, recommended the cordial to the ladies of the Court, in order to remedy to their vapours. Cardinal de Richelieu himself always kept the precious bottle with him to relieve his repeated headaches.

Driven by the constant concern to compose with the rhythm of the seasons and the earth to produce a high quality product, Maison Eau des Carmes Boyer, sole heir to the property of the elixir, perpetuates this age-old know-how by ensuring the manufacture and sale of lemon balm water.

To promote the short circuit, the workshops are located next to a field where the plants necessary for the production of this ancestral water grow.

Visits can be organized by the Tourist Office in collaboration with the employees of Eau des Carmes Boyer.

And their products, such as herbal teas, sprays, soaps... are on sale at the Tourist Office.


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The Seine runs through it

ZI des Amandiers

24 rue des Entrepreneurs

78420 Carrières-sur-Seine

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