The Seine runs through it


78290 Croissy-sur-Seine

  • Historic site and monument
Château Chanorier, Croissy-sur-Seine

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Château Chanorier, Croissy-sur-Seine
Potager dans le parc du château Chanorier, Croissy-sur-Seine

The Espace Chanorier is part of the natural heritage of the town of Croissy-sur-Seine. It is located in a park of more than 11,000 m² in the historic district, a stone's throw from the River Seine.

Since then, this cultural past has nourished the place to become, over time, a space that puts its heritage at the heart of its proposals: the Saint-Léonard chapel, the Place d'Aligre and the castle embrace the recent infrastructures - the Key Verte, the Grenouillère museum, the local history pavilion, the Romantic Lounge, the Micro-Folie digital museum, the music school, the library or the auditorium which offers a performance hall with around 300 seats .

All these places offer educational experiences that are always very original and fun. They also allow the city of Croissy-sur-Seine to offer a cultural offer that will appeal beyond its borders.


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The Seine runs through it

12 Grande rue

78290 Croissy-sur-Seine

  • Town location
  • Waterside
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